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Personalized Bug Car Lover 3D Acrylic Ball Ornament


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Personalized Bug Car Lover 3D Acrylic Ball Ornament

Shipping And Return Policies

📦 Deliver to United States: Details
Arrives by Mar, 25 2024 - Mar, 27 2024 if order today. Hurry up!
Handling time: 2–3 business day
Transit Time: 12–14 business days

♻️ Return and Refund:
Eligible for Return and Refund within 15 days from the date of delivery

Celebrate the timeless charm of the classic Bug Car with our exclusive Personalized Bug Car Lover 3D Acrylic Ball Ornament. This unique ornament pays homage to the love for vintage automobiles, encapsulating the nostalgia and joy of Bug Car enthusiasts in a personalized and captivating display.

Signature Features:

Custom Bug Car Image: Capture the allure of the iconic Bug Car by showcasing your cherished Bug Car photo. Through expert printing techniques, your treasured image is intricately printed onto a sturdy 2mm acrylic sheet, creating a personalized homage to the beloved classic.

Charming Miniature Trees: The inclusion of three delightful miniature Christmas trees (measuring 3.5cm, 3.5cm, and 4.5cm) serves to enhance the wintry scene within the packaging, setting the scene for the joyous holiday spirit encapsulated within the ornament

Tailored for Enthusiasts: A thoughtful and personalized gift for vintage car aficionados, Bug Car owners, or those captivated by the unique charm of retro vehicles. Perfect for birthdays, car shows, or as a token of appreciation for Bug Car lovers.


  • Materials: Crafted from durable, high-quality clear plastic, providing a crystal-clear view of the ornament’s personalized contents.
  • Ornament Size: 4.72 inches (12cm)
  • Design Feature: Showcases a one-sided design, ensuring the Bug Car display stands out with vivid detail.
  • Printing Technique: Utilizes dye-sublimation printing for a lasting and vivid image.


Adorned with a Red Plaid Ribbon, Strings for hanging, and your personalized design, our packaging ensures a delightful unboxing experience like this.

Embrace the Bug Car Spirit!

Create your personalized Bug Car Lover 3D Acrylic Ball Ornament today! Click “Personalize” to design and immortalize the fondness and admiration for vintage Bug Cars in a keepsake that resonates with the allure and history of classic automobiles.

Celebrate the timeless appeal and nostalgia of the Bug Car through this personalized 3D Acrylic Ball Ornament. Let this unique keepsake honor the love and admiration for the classic Bug Car that holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts.


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📦 Deliver to United States: Details
Arrives by Nov, 09 2023 – Nov, 20 2023 if order today. Hurry up!
Shipping fee: $5.95
Handling time: 1 – 7 business day
Transit Time: 9 – 14 business days

♻️ Return and Refund:
Eligible for Return and Refund within 15 days from the date of delivery